Ms Sheraraka D. Davis
Ms Sheraraka D. DavisCEO - FPLC INC. INTERNATIONAL (Florida - USA)
The Continent of Africa is adopted By Tampa Minister, Ambassador Sheraraka Davis .She is realizing her mission to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to those in faraway places .She is making a name for herself and the organization ,working across the globe. In 2011/12 she registered her non-profit organization “FAITH AND PROMISES LIFE CHALLENGES, Inc. (FPLC. INC. )” She extended her services in Africa and Asia in 2016/17. The services offered are geared towards bringing both spiritual and material resources to those who are Less-fortunate .To date, she is experiencing a growing level of success and plans to expand the coverage area within 2018/20. Her goal has always been to help natives in small villages to get the necessities that they need for daily living and survival. Months of research revealed that many are living under the already strained poverty lines. She decided to take action and put her plans into place. She organized teams of volunteers and the rest is history in the making. Now, her organization (FPLC INC. )is existing in different countries such as India , Kenya, Democratic Republic Of Congo(DRC), Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania (Second Headquarter of Africa ),and Tampa Florida -USA (Main head-quarters )The extension’s plans to other countries in Africa is continuing.
In Everyday 15 seconds a child dies from water-related diseases
In everyday , 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes
About 1.4 billion people live below the international poverty line, earning less than $ 1.25 per day.
Over 135 million children under the age of 18 in developing nations have lost one or both of their parents.
Over 12 million people worldwide are trafficked for force labor or sexual exploitation .


  • Challenge convention: we believe in God’s Promises, He is our number one provider as He knows better the grievances and anguish of the needy .With God we believe in the bright future in our communities.
  • Defend dignity: we believe in treating each child and family in the communities where we work with value and worth.
  • Champion partnership: we believe collaboration is the only way to end community problems.
  • Value every donor: we believe in donors playing an active role in ending different community critical problems, God uses people to help fellow people. Our slogan is “People helping people”
  • Drive accountability: we believe in Love, care , faithfulness ,transparency and correction.
Mr Meshack Mawala
Mr Meshack MawalaPresident of FPLC-Africa & Country director of FPLC - Tanzania
Mr. MESHACK ZEPHANIA MAWALA is a Born again Christian. Having a call from God he started a Ministry “VOICE OF GOD NOW “MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL. He’s a close CO-worker with Ms Sheraraka Davis at a nonprofit “Faith and Promises Life Challenges Incorporation” (FPLC. INC.). He managed to assist Ms Davis to expand her Organization in Africa. He serves as a President of FPLC INC. OF AFRICA and the Country Director of FPLC INC. -Tanzania. He also managed to organize teams of local volunteers in sixteen regions of Tanzania, These teams(committees/branches) volunteer on charity work for the less fortunate people in their respective Communities under FPLC INC. Mr. Meshack Mawala believes in giving and these are his words “giving out for the less privileged is the precious opportunity and an assignment from God which will later be paid back in return by the Lord God our maker , FPLC INC. is the right place to invest for the needy around the world as it is a right giving hand of God stretched out towards the less fortunate people ” .


FAITH AND PROMISES LIFE CHALLENGES INCORPORATION (F.P.L.C.INC) is a not-for-profit Organization, and our specific purpose is to provide charitable assistance to communities in developing countries that are suffering from extreme poverty. We seek to provide educational opportunities to children in those communities.
F.P.L.C INC. is100% volunteer operated. Every dollar contributed goes directly to the community in need, improving the lives of children and deprived families worldwide. Education is our top priority ,but also building shelter for the homeless, training and initiation of development projects in poor communities for their self reliance. We are focusing on supporting the widows as well as make sure that the orphans and the most vulnerable children are well equipped in education. When you educate a child you empower them, enable them to build a brighter future and give them the opportunity to succeed.


  • To build houses for single women (mothers and grandmothers) who have been victims of domestic violence, substance abuse, sexually violated and any other gender based violence as a transitional home environment.
  • To support on affordable and hygiene habit for people of low income and that cannot afford to buy or build a house due their income.
  • To provide start-up capital and average loans (loans with no interest) to the deprived families to enable them to support their children.
  • To initiate economic social projects to empower communities .
  • To run training and seminars on entrepreneurship ,heath and divine knowledge
  • To train students on the effects of sexual related diseases and homosexual practices.
  • To run ethical and motivational seminars in schools hence improve their studies
  • To provide food and educational support to the vulnerable children
  • To provide basic needs to the vulnerable widows ,elderly and orphans.


The organization’s main endeavor is to become a facilitator to provide transitional housing , education and training and other classes as needed ,such as health ,dental ,and in some cases job opportunities ,as well as life changing workshops and seminars to empower the participants to be rehabilitated into society and desire a better future for themselves and their offspring.


To provide safe haven for everyone in need and their offspring, teach them the word of God in a practical way, so that they can apply Godly principles which will eventually transform into a better way of thinking and to successfully be reintegrated into society with a new perspective of how to face life’s challenges , also to create a life changing experience and a better quality of life for themselves and generations to come.