Continent of Africa is adopted By Tampa Minister, Ambassador Sheraraka Davis .She is realizing her mission to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to those in faraway places .She is making a name for herself and the organization ,working across the globe. In 2011/12 she registered her non-profit organization “FAITH AND PROMISES LIFE CHALLENGES, Inc. (FPLC. INC. )” She extended her services in Africa and Asia in 2016/17. The services offered are geared towards bringing both spiritual and material resources to those who are Less-fortunate .To date, she is experiencing a growing level of success and plans to expand the coverage area within 2018/20. Her goal has always been to help natives in small villages to get the necessities that they need for daily living and survival. Months of research revealed that many are living under the already strained poverty lines. She decided to take action and put her plans into place. She organized teams of volunteers and the rest is history in the making. Now, her organization (FPLC INC. )is existing in different countries such as India , Kenya, Democratic Republic Of Congo(DRC), Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania (Second Headquarter of Africa ),and Tampa Florida -USA (Main head-quarters )The extension’s plans to other countries in Africa is continuing.