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FPLC Inc. is a None-profit Organization, and our specific purpose is to provide charitable assistance to communities in developing countries that are suffering from extreme poverty. We seek to provide educational opportunities to children in those communities and strengthen the deprived families to enable them to help their young ones. We also support the less-fortunate people such as widows, disabled, orphans, neglected elderly, and the most vulnerable children.

Touching lives differently. Empowering the less fortunate people and the deprived families to alleviate poverty in our communities in Jesus Christ name.

F.P.L.C INC. is100% volunteer operated. Every dollar contributed goes directly to the community in need, improving the lives of children and deprived families worldwide. Education is our top priority, but also building shelter for the homeless, training’s and initiation of development projects in poor communities for their self reliance. We are focusing on empowering the widows as well as make sure that the orphans and the most vulnerable children are well equipped in education. FPLC also encourages people who wish to direct sponsor children in need. A sponsor is someone who has made the decision to personally invest in the life of a child in need. We enroll children in our program who are 100% confirmed as orphans or the most vulnerable ones. When you educate a child you empower them, enable them to build a brighter future and give them the opportunity to succeed.

In 1978, FPLC-Inc begun in the heart of a God fearing little girl in Plant city, Tampa Florida USA. By that time Ms Sheraraka Davis grew as a homeless and she had got experience of how people live in the streets and in slums. As she was growing up , she used to share whatever she get with homeless in Tampa. In 2011/12 she registered her non-profit organization “FAITH AND PROMISES LIFE CHALLENGES, Inc. (FPLC INC.)” She has been providing food, shelter, and medical care to the homeless. She extended her services in Africa and Asia in 2016/17. The services offered are geared towards bringing both spiritual and material resources to those who are Less-fortunate.

Today FPLC Inc. works in 8 Countries. In Africa we work in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In America we work in USA and in Asia we work in India specifically in the province of Telangana. In Africa we are looking forward to extend our services in Burundi, Malawi, Swaziland and other countries as God gives us grace.

  • God’s leading. Each decision about a new country must be put in prayer. No country is selected unless the responsible staffs are convinced of God’s leading and blessing.
  • local church partners and God fearing people. Christian leaders and churches must be willing to invite our organization into their country and competent Christians to staff country offices and lead projects.
  • demand. FPLC Inc. works in some of the world’s poorest communities. Our God fearing staffs  then select the targeted beneficiaries in their communities who have the deepest need to participate in our program.

Sponsoring a child costs $40 a month. It shall be unforgettable mark in the heart and the life of a child forever.


Every child sponsored under FPLC Inc. benefits the following:-receives regular Christian training; educational opportunities; health care, hygiene training, personal attention, guidance and love.

Yes!. Each child has only one sponsor, the sponsor acts as a loving parent, there will be direct communication between a child and his/her sponsor via letters and video calls where possible due availability of internet coverage. Also whenever a sponsor wish to make a visit to the child ,FPLC Inc. will make sure that the sponsor heart’s desire is met.

Yes! You can write your child a letter or Email at

Click on Where We Work from ABOUT  US section contains general information about each country we work in, along with more specific information about where your child resides or where your targeted group of beneficiaries is found.

Yes! We love visitors, all you need to do is, go to CONTACTS section on our website page and choose to Email or call the FPLC national office of where your sponsored child or group of beneficiaries is available, or email the headquarters at / or you may direct call our CEO at +1 (813) 735-2361.

Well, FPLC Inc. is also very concern on improving the lives of the widows, elderly, disabled and to empower the deprived families to enable them to sustain their household and their young ones. We offer them training’s on entrepreneurship skills and startup capital to change their lives.

You can contact us Monday through Saturday between 7 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. MT. The telephone number is +1 (813) 735-2361 or +255 762 96 67 68
You can also send us a message or ask for help at