Through experience, planning and careful research, we identify areas where change can be made with a little sacrifice and great vision in rural villages. We are able to work with the villagers, volunteers, and alongside national organizations to build a more sustainable life, safer community and a brighter future, by instilling hope and providing necessary skills training, shelters for the homeless, education, facilities and economic empowerment projects for the deprived families. Serving in and with the local village communities helps us to have a wider reaching impact in the lives of the children and families made vulnerable through war, disease and circumstances beyond their control.


  • To build houses for single women (mothers and grandmothers) who have been victims of domestic violence, substance abuse, sexually violated and any other gender based violence as a transitional home environment.
  • To support on affordable and hygiene habit for people of low income and that cannot afford to buy or build a house due their income.
  • To provide start-up capital and average loans (loans with no interest) to the deprived families to enable them to support their children.
  • To initiate economic social projects to empower communities .
  • To run training and seminars on entrepreneurship ,heath and divine knowledge
  • To train students on the effects of sexual related diseases and homosexual practices.
  • To run ethical and motivational seminars in schools hence improve their studies
  • To provide food and educational support to the vulnerable children
  • To provide basic needs to the vulnerable widows ,elderly and orphans.


In the developing world, there are several factors that create roadblocks to a child’s education.
Where primary education is free, enrollment rates are high but many children do not continue on to secondary school due to high school fees, or because they are forced to work or stay home to take care of siblings.
Lack of proper school facilities and transportation in rural areas often makes it difficult for children to attend school regularly. In addition, there is generally a shortage of qualified teachers. Diseases such as HIV and Malaria have a significant impact on home life, as does hunger, posing further challenges to a child’s education.
FPLC INC. major goal is to help children in developing countries gain the benefit of a complete education. We believe education creates change, not only improving the life of an individual child but also contributing to the development of the child’s community and their country.